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Stretch ceiling are high quality, practical, safe and nature friendly suspended ceiling materials for a wide range of architectural or residential applications including new or renovation purposes. Acoustic Stretch Ceilings are the best choice for home, studios, theaters, home theaters, conference rooms and where audio comfort is highly required.

They are consists of two components: a perimeter profile and a light weight cadmium free polymer membrane, which stretches and clips into the track. This system can be used as ceiling adornments, wall coverings, floating panels, light boxes, and creative 3D structures.

These membranes are astounding, functional, safe and nature friendly product for an extent of design and private provisions. Newmat ceiling fabrics are adjusted to any open or private spots in light of the fact that our items are profits from the fire classification EUROCLASSE BS2D0 and are NON-Inflammable.

Together with the authority associations we have carried out the Environmental and Health Characteristics of Building Products for the HQE® method (High Environmental Quality) for our products, whose outcomes are exceptionally positive.

The easy customization and installation makes Newmat Fabrics a different product among every ceiling products.

Newmat Presentation

Newmat video presentation for the awards for innovation 2013

Newmat UK Architectural

NEWMAT UK is totally into wall and ceiling panel manufacturers, We supply PVC stretch fabric, lighting panels with Mirodal Panels. NEWMAT keeps on developing the ceiling products that improves acoustic and design tensility.

Stretch ceiling systems completely made for architectural and commercial applications, including Suspended ceilings, Mirodal Panels and PVC stretchable membranes with recycled content.

3D (Three Dimensional) walls and ceiling panels can create an artistic style in the interior designing.

Newmat UK Residential

The importance of residential ceiling is raised when the noise is unbearable. Acoustic stretch ceilings will be a great solution for the worst noise control problem arises in the living space.

There is so much designing ideas emerges when one decided to change the look and feel of their living space.

If you wish to renovate your home’s interior structure, it would be best to install ceilings on your walls and roofs.

Acoustic Stretch Ceiling

Acoustic treatment to any space

Stretch Ceiling Price

The price is depends upon the size of the room and other matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Newmat Stretch Ceilings.

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